Noe Valley Dem Club PAC meeting - Aug 27th

Hi Karen,

  Thanks for your message and for thinking of me. It's okay, as someone
who's tried to schedule these kinds of things myself, I understand
about the last-minute notice. I think I could potentially do it, and
if so would be fine opposing A (school bonds), B (road bonds), and/or
G (sales tax). What time is the meeting tomorrow night, and who will
be present? I may ask questions of my audience as part of my comments
opposing the measures (understanding there would only be a few minutes
per measure).

Love & Liberty,
                                   ((( starchild )))
                                   (415) 625-FREE


  Thanks for further describing the event/process. Yes, I should be
able to come at 2 pm. Definitely I'd like to leave time for audience
questions, but want to ask some questions of my own too.

  If this works, please send me the address and a phone number for
yourself or someone else with the NVDC whom I can call and reach
tomorrow should the need arise. Would myself or others be welcome to
come earlier and/or stay later to listen to other presenters, if

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild! Karen called me at work today looking for speaker(s) against A and G. I told her that I don't care for public speaking, but I knew that if you were available, you would want to speak out. I gave her your name and email address. If you want a friendly face amongst the D's, I'll go with you or meet you there. Have to be in Alameda in late afternoon, but I can spend some time there. It might be interesting!

Thanks for doing your thing, as always!

Cool Aubrey, going with would be excellent, thanks! You can help me
make sure I have some good points primed, and save me biking over the
big hill to Noe Valley.

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))

Give me a call in the morning (after 10:00) and we'll figure out the logistics.


A special thanks to Starchild for schlepping over to Noe Valley with me today and saying all the things I wanted to say in front of a bunch of Democrats. Starchild gave a convincing speech speaking out against Propositions A (school bonds), B (road repaving and repairs), and G (sales tax increase), when the Democratic Club couldn't find anyone to speak against those measures for their group. He spoke with grace, passion, and tact, with not a trace of rancor or arrogance. I suspect he left them with some real food for thought. We're lucky to have Starchild on our side.