No thanks for being a good citizen

I haven't seen this story make the rounds yet, so I will get it started.

This is about the Bostonian who found one of the bombing suspects hiding in his boat and called the police. Now his beloved boat, once his pride and joy, is riddled with bullets and coated with blood. I am pretty sure insurance will not compensate him due to standard exclusions for acts of "war" or "terrorism". (Word to the wise: Always pay extra for war and terrorism endorsements. I do.)

A private fundraising effort is underway to pay for restoring this guys boat because, of course, the cops have no intention of compensating him or any other Bostonian for that matter for taking all of their gun rights away so only cops and criminals would have guns and, as you know, both cops and criminals love massive shoot-em-ups that create lots of blood and guts and property damage.