No need to go to PROSAC meeting tonight

I just got a call from Brian O'Flynn, one of the owners of 701 Lombard. He said someone at the Rec and Park Commission (or perhaps the Department) told someone at PROSAC that they will not be presenting a case for acquiring 701 Lombard tonight. They said something like "We are exploring alternatives to eminent domain." I'm not sure I got the details correct, but the bottom line is that Brian does not need us to go to the meeting tonight, and he thinks this is a good sign.


Fabulous! Are you on for a chat then, Kelly? I'll be a little late, since I
didn't plan for it. What about Baghdad Cafe on Market between Castro and
Church? Usual 7:00 time? I can certainly try to be there by 7:10 or so.

Ok, as of 6:15 pm, no takers on the last-minute chat proposal, so it will stay
cancelled for this week. Michael Edelstein has said he won't be available
next Wednesday night, so we may want to experiment with another weeknight.
Maybe Monday again? Input please.


I'm sorry I didn't see your question earlier, although I'm enjoying having some unexpected time to catch up on e-mail.

Monday at Bagdad Cafe sounds good, but I can't commit until I find out whether my HOA board is having a meeting next week.


I need to correct something I wrote in the message below. I don't think Brian said the commission said "We are exploring alternatives to eminent domain." I think it was more like "We are exploring other eminent-domain options." Anyway, I remember that it didn't sound obvious to me that it was a good sign, but Brian thought it was. He may have thought they were trying to save face.