NIMBY residents at it again - Power Exchange sex club blocked from reopening


Ultimately the Govt is responsible for the noise outside the clubs. By prohibiting the businesses from owning the street in front of their establishments, the owners have limited control over the public streets. Greater control would come with full ownership.

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sex club blocked from reopening

It appears that NIMBY residents in the north Mission neighborhood
have successfully intimidated the owner of a building where the Power
Exchange sex club was planning to reopen, into terminating the club's
lease. Sad that some people want to blame businesses, whether it's a
bar, a nightclub, a sex club, or a cannabis dispensary, for what goes
on in the streets outside their establishments, instead of holding the
people who cause problems individually responsible.

One wonders why individuals who seem to have a "zero tolerance"
attitude toward any kind of entertainment or nightlife happening in
their neighborhoods, including street festivals, concerts and the like
would choose to live in an urban environment to begin with, let alone
a freewheeling place like San Francisco, but they have infested this
town like a plague. Not just entertainment-related businesses and
events, but virtually anybody who wants to change anything, from a
developer trying to build housing, to a shelter or clinic seeking to
open, a restaurant wishing to extend its hours, sell alcohol, or put
tables outside on the sidewalk, a homeowner seeking to build an
addition, etc., is likely to be hassled by the busybodies brigade,
whose members feel entitled to veto anything anyone wants to do near
where they live, and to whom "change" is a four-letter word. The NIMBY
spends an inordinate amount of time calling in police complaints, and
is adept at using government planning, zoning, and other rules and
regulations to impose all kinds of delays, costs, and obstruction on
any commercial or non-commercial activity that does not meet his or
her pristine standards.

Aside from government itself, NIMBYs are perhaps the biggest threat
to property rights and the counterculture in U.S. cities.
Unfortunately, the bigger and more controlling government becomes, the
more it tends to empower NIMBYs at the expense of people who want to
do stuff and have fun. Those of us who value freedom and are tolerant
of others peacefully using their property have our work cut out for us.

Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))

"So little of what might happen, does happen."
-Penn & Teller, in "How To Play With Your Food"