Next Executive Committee meeting -- Sunday Dec. 4, 10am-6pm (LPC office in Panorama City)


  Thanks for the notice. I'm happy to hear that we'll be saving several hundred dollars worth of Libertarian Party members' money by meeting at our party offices instead of at a hotel as was originally proposed (something I spoke against at our recent non-meeting meeting in Sacramento).


  When can we expect to see an agenda for this meeting? I request an agenda item be added to discuss communication within our committee, and between our committee and the rest of the party. Preferably I feel we should spend at least 30 minutes on this item, given the importance and seriousness of the issue for our ability to work together and get the business of the party done in an accountable and transparent manner, but I don't know what else may be on the agenda or what the schedule looks like.

Love & Liberty,
                                   ((( starchild )))

P.S. to Lauren - As previously requested, and as I believe you agreed to when you and I spoke in Ventura, please put my address in the "cc" field when emailing me concerning party business, and not in the "bcc" field -- I want others to be able to see that I am receiving the message. In fact I believe the approach most in accord with the kind of open, good governance practices we should be following is for *all* messages relating to ExCom business to be sent in a manner such that all message recipients are visible to all other recipients. The courtesy of your response addressing these points is requested.