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Eric Carll DuPree declares: THE WALLS ARE CRUMBLING...

DuPree for Mayor Declares: the walls are crumbling.
Democracy Works Best When Citizens Are Actively Involved
Dear SF SOS Supporter,

We wanted to inform you that there are multiple reports coming out
of City Hall that Mayor Newsom's Chief of Staff, Steve Kawa, is
leaving his post, and will be replaced by Phil Ginsburg, Newsom's
head of the Department of Human Resources.
In the coming weeks, we'll be canvassing all SOS activists for your
opinion about which issues are the most important for us to pursue
in 2007. This change in the top leadership at City Hall will only
increase our opportunity to press a common sense agenda in a
high-profile election year. When you receive our online poll,
please take a moment to share your views with us.


Wade Randlett
President, SF SOS

DuPree for Mayor '08