Yes, the newsletters were mailed out -- I received an email confirming this on Sept. 13 (see below). I used the list I had which was dated April of this year -- Bryce told me this list appeared to be as up to date as the one he has. I will check the list to see whether you are on it, and if so, how your address is listed. I received a copy of the newsletter in the mail, and Marcy posted an email saying she'd received hers; I haven't heard from anyone else.

Love & Liberty,
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P.S. - You sent your query to both LPSF-activists and LPSF-discuss, so I have sent this response to both lists, but please try to limit future postings to one list or the other except for messages in the highest need of broad dissemination, so as to eliminate duplicate emails for the many people who subscribe to both lists.

Hey Starchild,

Looks like Ron's on the membership list from January 2007, with the address
"Ronald A Getty, 752 43rd Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121-3302". But I know he
wasn't on some earlier lists, and he complained loudly to me about not
getting a couple of newsletters. I may have confused the issue by sending
you a few different mailing lists.