News Alert: House Approves Landmark Bill to Extend Health Care to Millions

We have broken out the Vodka. Nastravia!!! We have been liberated from the Capitalist running dogs.

Dear All;

After the passage of Obamacare I put the following up on my FB site as a post:

As a result of the
passage of Obamacare, France has submitted a strongly worded formal
request through the French ambassador to Secretary of State Clinton. In
it the Republic of France demands the Statute of Liberty to be
immediately returned as America is now no longer the Land of the Free.

The likes keep coming on in.... lol

As the saying now begins:

Dobro pozhalovat' (Welcome) to the USSA - United Socialistic States of Amerika.

A special note:

If the FaceBook friends I have is any indication - Remember in November - has become a major rallying cry.

Based on the number of FB's I have (1,100 ) plus similar numbers for my FB's of at least 500 - 1,000 FB's and their subset of FB's who have similar numbers and going by like attracts like there are some 30 million people who are really ticked off with Congress and its craven caving in to Obamacare.

Let the revolution begin....

Ron Getty