New website on Bob Barr


Magnificent, perceptive analysis! (IOW, I agree with it.)

You would provide a great service if, over the weeks leading up to the convention, you analyzed the positions of the other leading candidates.

In addition to posting your analysis here, I suggest you submit them for publication to the LP, LPC, and LPSF newsletters. Liberty magazine may be interested as well for their "Reflections" section.

Many thanks.

Best, Michael

Thanks Michael, but only the comment at the end is mine, not the bullet points; those I copied straight from the website I believe it was created by a member of the Radical Caucus who uses the email address <patforpres@...>, but I'm not sure who the author is.

  Libertarian Party co-founder David Nolan also has a new article up on Bob Barr's candidacy, amusingly titled "Looking for Mr. Good Barr": .

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More commentary on Bob Barr (a recent sighting television sighting):