New website is LIVE!

Hello everyone,

I just flipped the switch to make point to the newly
redesigned website. There are still a few things I need to do on this,
but it is mostly finished! Of course, everything from the old site is
backed up-- nothing is lost! The old site is still accessible at for a few more days only.

Some highlights from the redesigned site:
- New logo and overall design
- Improved calendar which automatically pulls from Meetup and
- More focus on events on the homepage
- Social media sharing buttons coming soon!

Please let me know if you have any issues.

More to come!

Cool, Nick!

  Just looking at it now... One suggested change would be to replace the word "NAVIGATION" at upper left, which seems superfluous, with a search box enabling visitors to search the website for keywords. That left column maybe doesn't need to be as wide as it is, either? A lot of white space there. Speaking of which, I miss some of the graphics in that space – the links to the state and national LP, our Facebook and Meetup pages, the Nolan Chart quiz, the "Who Will Stand Up For Our Rights?" poster. At least those are worth bringing over, imho. But maybe that's part of the "more to come" to which you refer?

  A few other random thoughts (some of these things are issues that were also present on the old site)...

  The new "Read more" buttons look better. Article author names used to be clickable and take you to a page with our contact info – that was a nice feature it would be a shame to lose. Unless we can add an actual reader comment feature instead. Of course that will mean a need to somehow police spam. (I'd suggest a manual system whereby anyone with an activist login can flag it and send it to a trash bin where it would remain until one of us other than the person who flagged it can permanently delete it).

  On the contact page, perhaps you should list yourself as Secretary/Webmaster?

  The Donation page no longer has a link for people to donate by credit card. Will this be up soon?

  When you say "everything from the old site is backed up", do you mean that it exists somewhere on the new site? According to your message below, the old site will be accessible for only a few more days.

  I would suggest retitling "Activist Options" under the NAVIGATION header as "What Can I Do?" The page of options should also mention joining our email lists (a link to the "CONNECT WITH US" page, which should also let people know about the Activist email list and give them a way to request to join it).

  The membership page ( has a form that gives me a cursor when I click on a blank field, but doesn't seem to let me actually click on any text. Probably it should say at the top of the page something like "To become an LPSF member, print and fill out this form and mail it to us. Don't forget to sign the Non-Aggression pledge (#8)! Dues are optional, but non-dues-paying members may be limited in certain aspects of state party membership." The page should also be tested to ensure that it prints out properly.

  To the sentence "I understand I am joining the local and state levels of the Libertarian Party" on the "Become a Member" page, I'd recommend adding the words "and my dues will be split between these levels of the party." Then follow it with this additional sentence, "To become a member of the national Libertarian Party as well, including a subscription to LP News, click here" (with a link to the national party's membership page at

  I think it would be a good idea for the "Meetings" page to list the date/time/location of our next upcoming meeting at the top of the page.

  Finally, my login does not appear to be working on the new site, and it doesn't seem to be allowing me to request a new password at either my "sfdreamer" or "vicechair" email addresses, or my user name Starchild, none of which it recognizes as being in the system.

  Thanks for your initiative on this remake!

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Starchild....I will leave it up to you and others to hammer out the details, but this is excellent feedback. Thanks for taking the time to really go over Nick's work. Every good technical project needs thorough testing and feedback. I'm sure Nick appreciates all the effort and consideration you put into this.

Thanks again to both of you and everyone involved....especially Nick for taking the lead on this project.


Hi Nick. Looks great--even better than when you sent the preview a few
weeks ago! I just put up a meetup event on the LPSF Meetup Group for this
Saturday, October 21 for the "Community Coffee" at West Portal Elementary
from 10:00-11:30 AM for all Libertarians and liberty-leaning folks to join
the conversation so that not only the statists bend Ting's ear. Let's let
him know (politely) that not everyone agrees with his big government agenda
and that there is another side to the coin. I don't see that event on the
website calendar, so does it take some time to migrate over there?

He's having a similar event in Daly City on November 6, but I'd like to get
this one up first. I also tried to put it up on the GGLR Meetup Group but
was having problems, so I just sent Dan a message asking him to put it up.


Aubrey, the event should show up on our site within an hour. It is there now, thanks for posting it.

Starchild, indeed I appreciate your feedback-- I'll give a more thorough response when I get a chance :slight_smile: