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Hi Marcy,

  Sounds good to me, and thanks for volunteering! I might stop by to check it out if I'm free though. What day is this happening?

  By the way, I thought I recalled reading something about you about the calendar on our website, or am I imagining that? I think it would be wonderful to have an interactive calendar that those of us with log-in access could update, but as far as I can tell there is no calendar feature on the site now. Or am I missing it?

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Sorry. I did neglect to indicate the date. It is Thursday, September 13.

Regarding the "calendar" on the LPSF Website, it is not really a calendar, but a list of Bay Area events, accessible to the public by clicking "Bay Area Events" on the Main Menu, and accessible to publishers like any other section of the website.