NEW TOPIC: Mass Movement Libertarianism And The Poor and Lower Middle Classes

Dear Everyone;

Recently Lew Rockwell has had some Black Libertarians write on why there are so few Black Libertarians. There are several articles related to this topic.

While the topic concerns Blacks as a group the same criteria can also be applied to the topic we had a few days ago of: organizing the massive numbers of the poor and lower middle class.: Quote on failure of libertarianism to seek to build a mass movement

Where Robert Kulp stated: They don't seem to realize you can accomplish more with a populist movement... organizing massive numbers of the disaffected poor and lower middle class against an authoritative and oppressive state."

These articles are are very worth reading as it provides some excellent insights on what could be done to make the approach and how to make the approach not only with the poor or Black groups but lower middle class as well - I think I got them in the right order.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Thank you, Ron. These look very interesting.

love and strife,

Lady Aster


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