NEW S.F. city card news....


  Have you heard about MediCann? I met someone with their group at the Valentine's Day protest at SF General. They are a non-government medical group issuing their own cards -- he showed me one of them (see ). Unlike those of the Greedy Government, MediCann's cards are FREE, with a mere $10 replacement fee for a lost or stolen card. I think we in the activist community should support and publicize this, and encourage other groups to issue their own cards (hey, why not a Green Cross card, for that matter?) Patients who use government-issued ID cards may think they are obtaining (a little, temporary) security, but ultimately they are helping to put themselves and potentially all of us at the mercy of establishment politicians. When are oppressed people like cannabis users going to fully grok that the State is not their friend, but rather the source of their oppression?

  We should be trying to disempower the oppressors as much as possible -- in part by not using their ID unless we absolutely have to. In so doing, we will empower ourselves, because a multiplicity of privately issued cannabis ID cards would result in free market competition keeping card prices low and patients having choices of which card(s) to use -- if any. Private card-issuers can't suddenly make their "voluntary", "optional" cards *mandatory* the way government can and will, if the history of many other government programs that started out voluntary and became mandatory repeats itself. Government cannabis cards, whether federal, state, or municipal, are a recipe for cannabis users to be held that much more tightly hostage to Government Greed and the Bureaucrat's desire to control and regulate our lives. All for our own good, naturally. Just as the laws against marijuana are for our own good. Upheld and enforced by hard-working, well-meaning, law-abiding folks, dontcha know?

  I urge you to let your customers and contacts know about the MediCann cards, and to encourage people to use them. Your message reminded me I've been remiss in doing this myself, but I'm copying this to ASA and Axis of Love and local Libertarian lists.

Love & liberty,
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