New Regional Calendar for [L]libertarian events

Hi all,

With the generous consent of the list owner, I have started to post events of interest to Bay Area big and small "L" libertarians on the "ba-liberty" yahoogroups calendar. Kevin Takenaga, LPC ExComm member, hailing from Santa Clara county, has been of assistance in seeding the calendar; and Constance Ericson of EBLP has agreed to help post events, as well. (Thanks, Kevin and Constance!)

The list is viewable by the public, without any sort of yahoogroups registration required. Only members of the ba-liberty group can post, however since membership is open, that could mean you!

So, please feel free to post items of interest, but use discretion or who knows what the moderator may do to your group membership :wink: In consideration to the ba-liberty group members, please do not use the meeting "notification" feature; if you want to send out notifications for a meeting, use your own list. If you notice something needing correction and are sure of your facts, please feel free to do so, or contact me and I will assist.

Since the calendar is public-viewable, it can reasonably be linked to from public websites such as county LP sites. Here is the link:

Here's a shorter version:

Please everyone, let's try to make this a useful resource for all the Bay Area [L]libertarians!


P.S. Apologies to those of you who may receive this announcement more than once.