New poll for lpsf-discuss

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the
lpsf-discuss group:

What's your opinion about the Wednesday
night Political Chats?

  o They're GRRREAT! I always attend.
  o Wonderful idea. I'd attend if not for...(time, location, cuisine, atmosphere)
  o Glad it's going on, even if it's not my scene.
  o Whatever. I don't care.
  o It's a waste of time. You should do something constructive like registering voters instead.

To vote, please visit the following web page:

Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are
not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups
web site listed above.


I tried to do the poll, but Yahoo! was not cooperating.

Here's my response:
o They're GRRREAT! I attend when I can.

I also was unable to get to the poll. (I clicked on "Get Web Access," but no registration page appeared.)

I agree with Michael's response:

o They're GRRREAT! I attend when I can.


Looking at the members list, it seems that you already have a Yahoo account as
"dredelstei", Michael. If you've forgotten the password, I'm sure there's a
utility where they email it to you or reset it. Kelly, I'm happy to help you
try to set up an account.

However, with 46 people on the list, and 22 already having a Yahoo account
linked to their email address, I'm more concerned that we only have (including
Michael and Kelly) 7 responses. The reason I did the poll is to see whether
the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th option would win. (There shouldn't be more than a
half dozen choosing the 1st option.)

Anyway, if the 2nd option wins, then we need to consider a change in venue,
time, etc. (expect another poll).

If numbers 3, 4, or 5 win, or they make up vast the majority of respondents
when combined together (i.e., 1 and 2 get less than 20% of the vote), I think
we should seriously consider whether the chats should be an official LPSF
effort (we always try to have at least one officer attend, since we list the
chats on our LPSF calendar postcards). Of course, as long as anyone is still
interested in meeting on Wednesday nights at that location, they should feel
free to, but we would have to consider taking the chats off of the calendars
we publish.


Thanks for the suggestions, however I know my yahoo ID
and password.

Best, Michael