New Officers for 2020 - election results

Hi everyone,

At our meeting yesterday, the LPSF membership elected Starchild to serve as Chair and myself to serve as Treasurer. We have vacancies for Vice Chair and Secretary, but I will be serving as Vice Chair pro-tem to help Starchild with the transition.

To recap, your new officers for 2020 as decided by the membership at our annual meeting on 1/10/2020 are:
*Chair*: Starchild
*Vice Chair*: Nick Smith (to fill the vacancy)
*Secretary: *vacant
*Treasurer:* Nick Smith

Thank you everyone who has contributed to the party in any way over the past 2 years. There have been some truly inspiring moments for me, and I would absolutely seek to continue it if my circumstances allowed.

+Ryder, please send the minutes you took from yesterday's meeting to this list (

Thanks and happy new year!