New: Libertarian Youth Caucus

Letter from Trevor M. Southerland

Please forward this to any other Libertarian lists you subscribe to.

I'm writing to inform you of the National Libertarian Party Youth
Caucus which was created at the 2004 Convention of the Libertarian
Party in Atlanta, GA just a few short weeks ago. The purpose of this
organization is to help promote the Libertarian Party and the message
of Liberty, especially to those people in educational facilities ...
be it high school, university or any other form of an educational
institution. We hope that our efforts will be to influence the future
leaders of America into a Libertarian perspective. One of our main
goals is to assure that the National Party and the Badnarik Campaign
have a fully updated list of contacts at college campuses across
America. Many times, a new college group tries to reinvent the wheel
when they create a new Libertarian group on their campus ... we hope
to bring some internal memory to Campus Libertarian groups to prevent
this problem in the future. There is a Yahoo! Groups list of which you
can join by sending an e-mail to:

Thank you.

In Liberty,
Trevor M. Southerland
Chairman, National Libertarian Party Youth Caucus
Chairman, the Hamilton County Libertarian Party (TN)
President, the Campus LP of the Univ. of Chattanooga
2004 Libertarian Party Platform Committee Member
Badnarik for President, Tennessee Coordinator
Editor, The Voice of Freedom (LPTN)
Contributing Editor, Liberty for All
Contributing Editor, Enigma