New Libertarian Perspective OP-ED: Time to Tax Sacramento with Tough Love

Dear All;

As part of the writers bureau for the LPCA the
following was written and published today. The
main meat of the op-ed with the Special Election
coming up May 19 was the 6 Props placed on
the ballot by the legislature.

It also includes some very great ideas to offset two
of the biggest chunks of change in the budget: the
state employees and their benefits and government
school system and its bloated budget. Together these
two items covers some $80 BILLION of the states
$140 billion budget.

As you may know by now the Republicans at their
party convention rejected all 6. The Democrats
at their party convention support 1B 1C and 1F
and reject 1A 1D and 1E. It's not to nice when
your own parties won't support what the party
legislators have wrought.

As always please remember space limitations in
publications prevents fully expanding on this topic
of taxes as much as I would like. That'll be for
another op-ed next time around.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Time to Tax Sacramento with Tough Love

In Sacramento, it seems the issue of the day is always the
need for more tax revenue. Unlike Oliver Twist, however,
the legislators demand more taxes; they do not ask for more
taxes, and they never say please.

The antithesis of Oliver Twist, Sacramento is the
embodiment of a looting "Robbing Hood." Sacramento
takes from the taxpayers and gives to the tax
moochers, and has the effrontery to continue this
looting by demanding that taxpayers vote yes on the
coffer-filling Propositions 1A through 1E.

These five propositions on California's upcoming
May 19 special election ballot are designed to save
Sacramento from a fate worse than death — no
money in the coffers to redistribute to moochers
politically disguised as "those in need."

read the rest here.