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A few months earlier, during numerous demonstrations in France against the coming war on Iraq, she led pro-war demonstrations in front of the American Embassy in Paris.
By opposing the war, she said "France denied its values and supported a tyrant."

Excuse me?
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Just like the article said, she's every bit as libertarian as
Margaret Thatcher. :wink:

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Just wanted to make something clear: If I get sent an
essay or article frome someone else that I feel is
Libertarian-related, or has some sort of interest to
Libertarians, I forward it to the lpsf, for reasons of
either interest or commentary. It doesn't mean that I
agree with everything in the essay or article, or that
I even have a clue as to what the essay was about,
except that I had just read it and thought it was
interesting. I may have never even heard of the
individual or situation the article is talking about,
such as the one I just sent, regarding some woman
activist in France. Several things were interesting to
me, as a Libertarian, about the article, so I sent it
to the lpsf. Just wanted to make that clear.

Dave Barker

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