New Irregularities in latest board declaration

Looking at the latest declaration by the board, they have changed their

Here is what it says on page 9

"These defects were presented to the duly appointed Commissioners’ Cover
Sheet Review Committee (the “Committee”) at their meeting held on July 9,
2015. The Committee unanimously confirmed the staff’s recommendations and
directed that Notices of Non-Compliance be issued to the designated contact
person, Millie Quinones.

Millie Quinones was and is a homeless person living in a homeless shelter
on Jerome Avenue with about 200 other residents in a dormitory setting.
This just about guaranteed that she would never get the notice. More
importantly, the last day to file was MIDNIGHT on July 9, 2015. Yet, the
entire slate of 12 candidates was thrown off the ballot in the early
afternoon on July 9 while the petitioning was still taking place.

The Cover Sheet Committee just consisted of two new and inexperienced
commissioners and Steve Richman General Counsel who stated that this
petition had been submitted by Mr. Sloan who has given us trouble before.
In fact I had not submitted the petition and I was not even in the state
when the petition was drafted and circulated. I was in California.

I found out that I had been thrown off the ballot by a youtube video which
is here:* 7-9-15 Coversheet Review*


*It starts at 13:09 and continues at 14:20*

*Steve Richman is leafing through pages of the 300 plus page petition at
15:11 and ends at 17:40*

* It is obvious here that Steve Richman is not doing a cover sheet review.
He is doing a general search of the petition. This is not allowed. His
compatriot even says at one point there is no problem with the cover sheet.
It is with the content of the petition.*

*Steve Richman says at 15:45 "The person who filed this is Mr. Sam Sloan
has a habit of litigating against the board on the ground that we usually
discriminate against him and that we single him out for special treatment".*

* Actually, I did not file the petition. I was not even in New York. I was
just one of the candidates on the list. The fact that he keeps mentioning
my name shows the prejudicial attitude of the board against me.*
It is difficult t see but take a close look at the second group of
candidates. All of them are a slightly different color. This is because
they were all on a sticker. All the names and addresses of the candidates
had been changed. This obviously invalidated the entire petition and since
almost all of the petitions were like this,all of the petitions were
invalid. The opponents objected to all of this but Steve Richman overruled
these objections and all of these petitions were passed and all of these
candidates were elected. Since these candidates were all judges or judicial
delegates this means that every judge that has taken office in Bronx County
this year has won his seat by virtue of a fraud.

The brief by the board also states that the Commissioners of Election are
appointed by the City Council. This is not true. The Commissioners are
appointed by the party bosses who are not elected officials. The Chairman
of the Republican Party in each Borough appoints one commissioner and the
Chairmen of the Democratic tic party in each borough appoints one
Commissioner. This is obviously unconstitutional because for example here
the insider group in the Bronx let by Stanley Schlein receivad approval by
the Democratic Commissioners whereas the outsider not approved group of
non-approved candidates got thrown off the ballot.
Sam Sloan

noon8window.pdf (36 Bytes)

noon8window.pdf (36 Bytes)