New Fake Sam Sloan Posting and Doubts about Gary Johnson as a Libertarian

There is irony in this particular sentence because the real situation
was the opposite. The anti-Libertarian Candidate Warren Redlich
advocated reducing the Age of Consent to 13 years old. He also posted
websites listing the 16-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin and the
16-year-old sister of Brittney Spears, both of whom had given birth,
as MILF (if you know what that means). This led Republican Dirty
Trickster Roger Stone to circulate a flyer stating that Warren Redlich
advocated sexual intercourse with 13-year-old girls.

Warren Redlich countered that he had never done it but he had thought
about doing it and felt it should be legal.

These are Libertarian positions but they do not put the Libertarian
Party in the most favorable light.

Warren Redlich has since moved to Florida (he was virtually drummed
out of town) and has sued Roger Stone for libel and slander over this
flyer that was posted on the internet. This case is still pending as
far as I am aware.

I am concerned that now Gary Johnson has stopped being a Republican
Party Candidate and has shifted to being a Libertarian Party
Candidate. Since he is using Roger Stone as a political consultant, I
think we should view Gary Johnson with caution.

Here, I want to make it clear that I did not circulate that flyer and
I had nothing to do with it. Roger Stone has accused me of providing
the information used in the flyer. I did not do so. I had no contact
with Roger Stone or anybody else in his campaign. I also agree with
Warren Redlich that the ridiculously high age of consent of 17 in New
York State should be lowered. Studies show that most girls have had
sexual intercourse by age 17, so making this illegal does not modify
their behavior and merely leads to disrespect for the laws. However, I
believe that Warren Redlich showed poor judgment in naming by name
16-year-old girls who had given birth by 16 and thus had had
intercourse by 15. He should have left the names of the girls out and
he should not have revealed that he would like to have intercourse
with them.

This is especially true since he was a practicing lawyer at the time.
The local outrage over this is likely one reason why he left town and
moved to Florida. He also embarrassed the Libertarian Party by saying
this on his websites while he was the Libertarian Party Candidate for
Governor of New York State.

The current issue concerns Gary Johnson using Roger Stone as a
political consultant. Roger Stone is infamous for his dirty tricks. He
falsely cites me as a source for his mis-information about Warren
Redlich. I was never a fan of Warren Redlich but I never said any of
the things Roger Stone said that I said.

The Real Sam Sloan

Dear Sam,

Sounds like your candidacy focuses on a lot of, as we say in Spanish, "chismes," or "he-said-she-said." I do not think a political audience larger than a circle of folks interested in "chismes" wold be be supportive of your candidacy. Let us know your positive ideas on how to fix the economy, how to deal with the Federal Reserve, how to curb the current trend toward warrantless searches, how to move away from the entitlement society.