New East Bay Libertarian discussion group starting

I've started a new discussion list for California Libertarian Party members and other supporters of personal and economic freedom to share and discuss news and politics in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, and whatever else they may wish to discuss with other freedom lovers.

  I have decided to do this out of frustration with there not being a dedicated forum for people to be able to post about items of (L)ibertarian interest happening in the East Bay. I live in San Francisco, but I often come across events happening in or news related to Oakland or Berkeley in particular, which I would like to be able to readily share and talk about with the folks who would logically have the most interest in them. There is an existing EBLP-discuss list, but the messages I send to it seem to generally be either seriously delayed or not posted at all, and my bringing the issue up multiple times seems to have fallen on deaf ears. The current list can't be called much of a "discussion" forum -- there have only been 14 messages posted there in all of 2009, and they were all written by only two individuals. It's my belief that Libertarians in the East Bay have more than this they'd like to say to each other online, and that a more active forum, without the stifling moderation, will be a boon to regional activism.

  In any case, the website for the new East Bay Libertarians discussion list is:

  To subscribe, send an email to:

  Posts to this list will not be pre-screened -- with the exception of spam it is a free speech area, and you are responsible for your own content. You can help prove the value of allowing free speech by keeping discussion civil and respectful. If any EBLP folks or others have a suggestion for a photo or graphic for the main page, or any other ideas, please feel free to let me know.

Love & Liberty,
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