New Article on LPSF Website


  I just looked at the website and voted in the poll. Thanks for
putting the candidate info up.

  On Jeff Adachi's entry, however, we badly need to say something about
his extremely strong record on fighting to uphold civil liberties as
the elected Public Defender. He has spoken out strongly against police
corruption/malfeasance in the crime lab scandal, and the scandal about
police breaking into residents homes without a warrant and stealing
their possessions, and probably played a major role in getting many
drug and other victimless crime cases tossed out. His excellent civil
liberties record is one of the main reasons for supporting him.

  I agree with you that we could take a cue from the Green Party's
presentation of their ballot recommendations. Their website is very
nicele done.

  They also recommend Adachi as one of their mayoral choices, and some
of their arguments in support of that choice highlight what we should
add to ours:

"He has a long history of using his office as San Francisco's Public
Defender to defend the rights of our poorest residents. Unlike many
City managers, he has taken political stances in opposition to the
Mayor, including outspoken opposition to the 'sit/lie' ban and other
laws Mayor Newsom and the Democratic Party establishment championed in
order to criminalize homeless people. He also spoke out against the
Mayor Newsom wasting money on a community courts boondoggle, which was
a prop that Newsom used to reach higher office at the expense of SF's
taxpayers and homeless residents."

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

I have added a sentence on civil rights to the Adachi paragraph, and just realized that I should also address Starchild's suggestion that a lot more be said regarding Adachi. I would prefer not to. This is the first time in my recollection we have posted preferences of candidates other than libertarians on our website, and not everyone on this list seemed completely on board with that idea yet.Therefore, I would like to avoid any semblance of LPSF officially "endorsing" or even "supporting" any of the candidates. Maybe in the future, we might get more involved in local elections, and allocate more space (equally) to candidates we might prefer over others, such as the Greens have done so effectively.