Neocons Seek 14th Amendment Repeal

Nazi congressman John Boehner has added his support for repealing the 14th Amendment. So-called 'illegal immigration' is the pretext for this movement; another smokescreen for the GOP's inherent anti-Hispanic and anti-Catholic bigotry.

  The 14th Amendment establishes that birth in the United States establishes American nationality. It was originally ratified in 1866, though it had been federal law since the Republic was established. The amendment was needed to extend full citizenship to Negroes who were excluded from US nationality under the original law.

  No one is asking the fundamental question here: if the 14th Amendment is repealed; ALL natural-born Americans are IMMEDIATELY deprived of their rights as US nationals. What will be the new criterion?

  The answer to THAT question is not at all difficult to divine. It will entail a 'Loyalty Oath' of some kind. People will be effectively forced to swear allegiance to whoever happens to be in power; and when Boehner and his crowd come back, you can rest assured that 'allegience' will be something VERY narrowly defined. The death of the Republic, of course, is the real definition.

Dear Eric

Leaving out the Libertarian side of the illegal legal immigration issue - the
change is not needed if immigration laws were followed. The move is nothing more
than another Republican bad-ass bad motives move. It really does not have
anything to do with the 14th Amendment it has to do with Republicans using an
issue for wedge politics. And John McCain who is also riding the 14th Amendment
issue change the anchor baby laws..



  And immigration laws are not needed -- indeed would be considered illegal themselves -- if the Constitution were followed. The highest law of the land only gives Congress the right to regulate *naturalization*, not immigration. So if we're going to enforce something already on the books, I say let's start with that.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Dear Starchild

It's not me - it's getting Congress to do do you propose to get
Congress to do that??? AND BTW repeal all the immigration laws on the books and
visa laws and so on...???

Practicalities are needed to get Congress to get its head screwed on straight -
which I might add ain't gonna happen in anybodies lifetime...

Ron Getty


  Oh, I know. But when it comes to certain topics -- notably immigration and gun control -- people are always saying "enforce the laws we have now" as if those laws were constitutional and legal, so I always try to speak up and remind people that they are neither. Never mind the so-called "laws", I say enforce the *Constitution* that "we" have now.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))


Then my earlier statement still says it - Get Congress to follow the
Constitution after it gets its head screwed on straight or gets its collective
head lopped off by the people. To the guillotine Congress - to the guillotine!!!

Ron Getty


  A federal judge ruled, in the case overturning the Brewer/Arpaio backed Arizona police-state pogrom against immigrants, that it is NOT a crime to be in the country illegally OR to be employed as an immigrant. Another Supreme Court decision (1981, but don't remember the case name)ruled that American nationals were UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES required to carry, present, or produce identification papers. Both laws are utterly ignored; but you're right, they should be enforced.

The immigration laws themselves, however, need to be reformed. Like most of all our other laws, the immigration system punishes those who come here legally and legitimately and gives the incentives for those who come here to burden our society (sort of like the welfare system LOL)!

For example, Billy Cunningham, another Nazi talk-radio blowhard, was repeating yesterday the GOP talking-point about al-Qaeda coming over the Mexican border. This is believable for someone who's never been in Mexico, but I actually lived there for 3 years. The idea that Islamic extremists are teaming up with Mexican gangs is laughable. In fact, the last several terror plots the FBI has broken up were by extremists who came across the Canadian border. If Americans weren't so ignorant of geography they'd see what the Islamic Extremist leaders obviously noticed: that Detroit, Buffalo, and Seattle are full of Arabs and they could come to Canada much easier and blend in with the population on the northern border.

  LOL--Maybe I need another vacation---every time I think about these issues it reminds of just how far down the toilet the US has gone!