Neo-Con KSFO

KSFO has fired Rush. Apparently he wasn't far enough to the Right.

J.D. Hayworth, the Hawk and former Arizona Congressman, is now in Rush's
time slot, 9 AM - 12 Noon.

To top off KSFO's move to police state advocacy, Melanie Morgan is back 5
AM - 9 AM.

Warm regards, Michael


Thanks for this interesting news.

I would be careful about how to read this. KSFO and KGO were recently purchased
by a radio station chain called Cumulus. Based on what they did with KGO, I
suspect that their main agenda is cost reduction. It may be cheaper for them to
run JD Hayworth's show than Rush's.



Gatewood Galbraith was a lawyer and frequent candidate for public office in the commonwealth of Kentucky. His campaigns focused, primarily, on the legalization of marijuana, not just the legalization of medical marijuana. He was an outspoken advocate for our cause of the legalization of marijuana when the various local, various state and federal political stages were/are dominated by drug warriors from the Left and the Right. Galbraith's death is a tragedy and a setback for our cause and a setback for the health of millions of people and, considering the jobs legalization would create outside the government-prison industry, a setback for the financial well-being of marijuana and hemp farmers and other entrepreneurs hoping to enter this market legally.|head

Don Fields

Boo, Gatewood was the best. G'bye, Gatewood !!! Kentucky won't be the same without you.

Bearcat808 & LPSF,

Let's light one up for Gatewood! And let's light the first of next year's harvest in honor of Saints Jerry Garcia and Harry Browne!

All the best,