Need volunteers for LP California Financial Standards (f.k.a. "Audit") committee

If we have any LPSF people who are familiar with not only analyzing
financial statements, but also auditing processes, please consider
applying for appointment to the LPC Financial Standards committee (prior
to the last convention, this was known as the "Audit" committee, but was
renamed so that it didn't imply that the LPC needed to pay $5000 to a
CPA each year to audit our finances). This committee is not required by
local, state, or federal law, so there are no legal compliance issues --
it's simply an internal LPC function to provide continuous improvement
on our processes and to make sure members' dues and donations are spent
as efficiently as possible.

Appointees to the Financial Standards committee would need to be able to
make at least one visit to the LPC office in Southern California, to
audit the office staff's processes and procedures, but all other work
would likely be done by email or phone.

Is anyone interested? It would be very good to have someone from LPSF
on this committee.