Need to postpone my Bylaws proposal

Sorry for the late notice, but I just had a HUGE pile of... work ...dumped
on me that will keep me busy all weekend. I may still be able to come to
the meeting, but I definitely don't have time to prepare the Bylaws proposal
that I had asked for time in the Agenda to address.

I realize January is the officer election meeting, so if you would like to
push this until February, that is fine with me.

Of course, I don't "own" the bylaws, so if anyone else is so inclined, and
Marcy approves, I would not be offended if someone else offered their own
bylaws proposal in the time currently allocated in the agenda to my

Again, my apologies for the late notice. If it's any consolation, I'm
giving you a lot more notice of my absence from the meeting than my employer
gave me about the loss of my weekend.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for letting us know. Since you have been more involved with what needs to be changed to agree with LPCA, etc, I would prefer that we wait until you can attend to initiate any changes. If we don't get to the changes before you move, then we decide what to do again.

We could use the time we were going to speak about the bylaws to construct a test survey based on Ron Getty's proposal.