Need some libertarians for Friday's dinner party at Bok Choy Garden!

Hey you guys, I need some more libertarians at my dinner:

My next vegan dinner party will happen on Friday, 12/9 at Bok Choy Garden, where we'll feast on some yummy Chinese cuisine. Bok Choy Garden is a great place and is famous for its huge menu of a variety of fantastic and reasonably priced food.

Of course you'll enjoy a fun dinner, meet new friends, and catch up on gossip with old friends.

But that's not all!! This months dinner will also include:

* A presentation and mini-concert by the artistic director of MusicSources
* Aan opportunity to sign petitions on various issues to be sent to senators, congresspeople, etc

Space Is Limited! Please be sure to RSVP to me No Later Than Thursday, Dec. 8 if you want to go.
When you RSVP, please include
  (a) whether you want to order your own food or share with the group
  and (b) an accurate probability estimate that you'll in fact be there.

Bok Choy Garden, 1820 Clement St. (near 19th Ave.) We'll gather at 6:30pm and eat at 7pm. We will simply order from the menu. Family Style. Cost will be split among the participants -- cost should be about $12-$14 each.

The best way to get there is by public transport, Take the 38L bus and hop off at 19th or 20th Ave., then just stroll a block north to Clement. By BART just get off at Montgomery, climb out the exit at Post St. and wait nearby for the 38L outbound. Email me for Caltrain directions or specifics from other parts of town.

Looking forward to seeing y'all.

Dave G.

Hi Dave, I'd like to come.

-- Steve