Need help getting signatures for State Assembly write-in campaign!

To run as a qualified write-in candidate for State Assembly, I need to submit 40 valid signatures from registered voters in the district by this Tuesday, February 18, at noon, to the SF Elections Department at City Hall.

  Currently my estimate is that I have 20 valid signatures. Anticipating however that I will be leaving for the convention Friday morning, and not getting back till late Monday night at the earliest, that means I would like to gather the rest of the needed signatures TOMORROW (Thursday), and submit them either tomorrow before 5pm, or Friday morning.

  If you have not signed my petition, and live in Assembly district 17 (roughly the eastern half of San Francisco), please contact me ASAP.

  If you can help me collect signatures any time tomorrow, especially if you have a vehicle and can drive me around to the homes of registered Libertarians (presumably more likely to sign than average members of the public), that would be a big help! Reply to this email or better yet call or text me at the number below – you can leave a message any time. If you don't reach me directly, let me know how late or when I can call you back.

  Even if you don't have a vehicle, your presence with me standing in front of Safeway or someplace with lots of people, encouraging signers, would be a big help in terms of moral support as well as practical assistance.

  As a reminder, we voted to endorse me at Saturday's meeting, however I will not be running if I cannot get the necessary signatures! So please get back to me if you can help in any of the ways mentioned above, as time is of the essence.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))
LPSF chair and candidate for State Assembly
(415) 625-FREE (3733)

P.S. – Nick, do you happen to have the list of registered Libertarians in a readily usable format (printed out, especially in the form of a walking list or otherwise geographically sorted)? If not, I have the master voter file, but not a ready way to print. Won't necessarily need it unless I can find someone to drive though, as might not be time-efficient to visit people's homes otherwise.

I'm disappointed not to have received any responses on this...

  Do people want there to be a Libertarian on the local ballot for state Assembly with a pro-freedom ballot statement in Voter Information Pamphlets this November? Your help needed tonight to make it happen!

Love & LIberty,

((( starchild )))

I have a busy work day today so unfortunately can't help with it this morning. Is anyone else able to lend a couple hours this morning?


I wish I could, but Jerry can't be left alone and I am his only caretaker.

Richard Winger 415-922-9779 PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147

Thanks Mike. They are due today at noon. Can you come meet me and get me that signature, Mike? I'm going to go stand out in front of Safeway at Market and Church streets. Need the blank forms as well as the signature.

  Anybody else who can come by and help, please do!

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))