Ned Roscoe TV interview - 9pm next Friday (Sept. 5) in SF

I spoke with Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Ned Roscoe recently, and he mentioned that he will be in San Francisco next Friday (Sept. 5) for a TV interview at his Cigarettes Cheaper! store in the city. After talking with him, I realized there are actually two Cigarettes Cheaper! stores in SF, one at 1414 California Street and one at 17 Kearny Street. I'm pretty sure he was talking about the Kearny store, but I'll try to confirm that.

  Ned says he'll bring picket signs — all we have to do is show up to hold them. Let's show his TV audience that the LP candidate has supporters! The interview is scheduled for 930pm. He suggested meeting us at the store at 9pm.

  I also asked about the possibility of the store displaying signs for Mike Denny or other LP promotional materials and keeping party literature on hand for customers. I was disappointed by Ned's response indicating this was mostly up to the discretion of Rick Slaker, the store manager, but he agreed to help us talk with Rick about it when we meet him there on Friday.

  Ned also said in response to my question that he only plans to spend about four or five thousand dollars on his campaign. This does somewhat dampen my enthusiasm for having him as the official LPC-endorsed candidate. I think some Libertarians may have supported Ned over Jack Hickey in the assumption that he would bring more resources to the campaign. Perhaps he can be convinced to spend more of his money if there is an active grassroots effort being waged on his behalf.

  On the other hand, he did say that he would be using the Cigarettes Cheaper! stores (I understand there are 600 of them) as his campaign headquarters. To the extent that these stores can also be turned into long-term outlets for LP materials, this could have a significant positive impact for the party.

Yours in liberty,
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Thanks for the info. I'll be there. Who else?