Nazi Takeover Projected

Starchild recently posted some poll results relating to the disapproval ratings of Obama now. The last two days, I have been following some Democratic Party operatives are pessimistic about their party's chances in the November elections. One even opined that, if the election were held today, the Nazi right-wing could easily capture Congress.

  I'm no especial fan of the Democrats or their policies, but a GOP return to power would be the destruction of the Republic. Since 2004, the GOP has been systematically purging itself of anyone but the most extremist ideologues. A GOP return to power would be a hyper-extension of all the abuses of the Bush/Cheney Regime.

What would a GOP takeover would mean? An economy where free enterprise is dead and managed centrally from Wall Street. It would mean social policy directed by evangelical theocrats, and civil liberties at the tender mercies of an irresponsible police power with no constitutional restraints. It would mean a foreign policy based on economic imperialism and outsourcing. In short, it would mean a country no longer safe nor desirable for free people to live in.

These right-wing revolutionaries---because that is precisely what today's GOP amounts to---is more dangerous than the so-called liberals. The Democrats at least have a favorable position on civil liberties, social tolerance, and national defense and foreign policy. But the Radical Right has learned from its past mistakes. This time there will be no tolerance, no dissent. The jackboot will be on anyone's throat who dares oppose them.

Don't fall for the lies about them reducing the size of government. Yes, welfare and subsidies and public works will be cut. But, as we saw with Bush; police, prisons, surveillance, and militarization will correspondingly increase. And like we also saw, those welfare programs and subsidies won't go away. Instead, they'll be shifted into subsidized 'faith-based' programs anywhere the State already has its tentacles. Public schools are bad enough; but a public school system run by the National Association of Evangelicals would be an intolerable tyranny.

  The Road to Serfdom is paved, and it looks like we're all on the way there.