Naturalization Ceremony Report

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        It was nice to finally make it to one of these. No one else
so I
didn't do a table, just circulated petitions and passed out
literature, but it was very worthwhile.

Thanks for this report, Starchild.


Jeffrey Kwong

I will follow up with him, if no one else is already doing so.

  Do you mean by sending him an info packet, or just contacting him
separately? I think we should send him a packet, but an additional
contact (other than the normal follow-up phone call) couldn't hurt.

        Finally, I got the schedule of upcoming naturalization
August. There are two:

Tuesday, August 3
Tuesday, August 15

The 15th is a Sunday. The next Tuesday would be the 17th; can you
confirm the dates?

  Yes, I meant to type Tuesday the 17th. Thanks for catching that.

        Apparently people are supposed to arrive at 745 am, so we'd
to be
there before then to catch them on the way in. Otherwise we can catch
them when they exit sometime after 9 am.

Thanks for this info, Starchild. I would expect better luck on the way
out; do you know if the other parties are there early?

  I don't know if they got there before 745 am, but they were there when
I arrived.

Can I get a virtual show of hands from folks who would be willing to
on one or both days? Assume (since these tend to be Tuesdays) the

  I'm willing to do it again. We should have some of the immigration
fliers along this time. I didn't have any to bring with me, and could
use some more literature in general.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

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