Naturalization ceremony is at 9am tomorrow (Tuesday)

I just received the information today from an unlikely source -- the email newsletter of the conservative/"quality of life" group SFSOS. They have the chutzpah to try to stage a photo op with new citizens in order to oppose voting rights for other immigrants (see below)!

  Becoming a citizen, unfortunately, is just another bureaucratic process that gives government an additional data point for controlling your life. It's better for liberty and it will save tax dollars if people who live in the U.S. (who after all are paying taxes) are allowed to vote without submitting to the arduous and bureaucratic citizenship procedures.

  This is a great opportunity to accomplish two things at once -- register new Libertarians, and support voting rights. Anybody else able to make it up there?

Yours in liberty,
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From the SFSOS newsletter:

Extending Vote to Illegal Residents Undermines Our System

On Tuesday, July 20, roughly 1000 legal immigrants will be taking their oath of citizenship in the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco. These new citizens will then be granted a vote in all municipal, state and federal elections just like any tenth-generation American. For most of these immigrants, Tuesday will mark the culmination of a long process requiring hard work and perseverance.

Also on Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors will consider Supervisor Matt Gonzalez’s Charter Amendment extending the vote to non-citizens, including illegal residents, in School Board elections. Under this new proposal, both legal and illegal non-citizens who have children in the public schools would be given equivalent rights to vote.

SF SOS views this Amendment as an unfair slap in the face of those immigrants who dedicate their time and effort to become legal citizens, thereby earning the right to vote. Thankfully, many prominent citizens--including U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein--have joined our cause and spoken out against this irresponsible extension of voting rights. "There is a legal procedure for becoming a citizen and allowing non-citizens to vote undermines the core of our democracy and discourages people from the very important step of becoming citizens," Senator Feinstein said. Please, urge your supervisor to oppose the non-citizen voting Charter Amendment.

Giving non-citizens (including illegal and temporary ones) the right to vote marginalizes the effort of those immigrants who go through the complete naturalization process--that’s why SF SOS is standing with new citizens against the current Amendment proposal by holding a press conference at the Masonic Auditorium (1111 California Street) on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.