"Nasty, vindictive and liberal to boot!"


  The government employee unions are out of control and I hope governor Walker is not recalled, but sending form letters is a poor way to get me to donate to anything, especially if you are not someone I recognize as part of the freedom movement. Is CDBO doing anything to give grassroots supporters a voice in how these donations you're soliciting will actually be spent by your organization, or you expect donors to just trust you based on what you've written below?

  Besides, there are some other causes higher on my donation list. For instance, thanks to Democrat and Republican legislators and their restrictive ballot access laws, my political party the Libertarian Party is having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get its presidential ticket on the ballot so that there can be a functioning democracy beyond the candidates of the two-party cartel. Since we are not in the business of getting elected to hand out political favors to various monied interests, we cannot count on a pile of big corporate and big union money to help pay for this stuff like the people duking it out in Wisconsin can, and so are forced to rely on the support of individual grassroots donors like myself.

  Perhaps you as a Republican can talk to some of your GOP colleagues and get them to make it less expensive to get on the ballot just to participate in democracy on an equal footing so that there is more money left over for other worthy causes?

  We are now looking at appropriating another $32,000 to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania, just to pick a random state. Can I count on your support in paying this bill? If you're interested in talking with our ballot access guy about it, I can put you in touch.

Love & Liberty,
                                     ((( starchild )))