Nanny of the Month and other LPSF awards

Dear All,

In keeping with our group's unconventional style, we voted at the last LPSF meeting to establish a "Nanny of the Month Award." This distinction will go to the City Hall person, or to folks trying to pass for "private" who nonetheless depend on City Hall, who introduces the most personal-initiative-crushing-idea ever. The winner will be revealed on the LPSF website. Of course we welcome ideas from folks on this Discussion List.

Because we do not wish to appear negative, we will also mention rational ideas from the libertarian point of view. We have posted on the LPSF website one such idea under the byline "Sensible Suggestion of the Month."

Check out the website, take the new poll, post ideas for the new awards, get involved! BTW, we would welcome not only your taking the poll and letting us know your priorities, but also your specific ideas posted on this Discussion List.



PS Election of Officers for 2013 will take place at the next LPSF meeting, January 12.