Nader and Camejo in SF tonight - Another LP outreach op

The man that many Democrats have come to hate nearly as much as George Bush is going to be speaking in the city tonight. Ralph Nader and his running mate Peter Camejo will both be appearing at Mission High School (18th Street between Church and Dolores) at an event starting at 7pm.

  I was hoping to get a chance to speak at the event on the topic of alternative party unity and opportunities for the Libertarians, Greens, and Nader supporters to cooperate and throw in a word for my non-partisan school board campaign, but unfortunately Forrest Hill [great name for a Green, or what? 8) ], the organizer I spoke with, said they were already overbooked on speakers. However, he invited us to come and set up an LP table, which I thought was generous of him considering it's basically a rally for someone else's presidential ticket.

  Perhaps a tough crowd, but it could be a sizable one -- Forrest said he was hoping for a thousand people. Things could also get interesting if Democrats show up to protest or disrupt the event. And of course it will be a good chance to network with the Greens and Nader lefties.

  I primarily want to get more signatures for my school board petitions in lieu of filing fee, and hand out some of my fliers, but again would be happy to do a full-on table if anyone else is interested.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>


I'd like to help if it means showing up and working at the table.

-- Steve