My Specific Objector is neighbor to John Greaney Chairman of Bronx Republican Party

The question of why a previously unknown person Salvatore G. Caruso would
go to lengths to keep me off the Republican Party Primary Ballot was
answered when my process server pointed out that Salvatore G. Caruso is
next door neighbor to the new Chairman of the Bronx Republican Party John
M. Greaney.

Salvatore G. Caruso lives at 540 Ellsworth Avenue, Apartment C-1, Bronx NY

John M. Greaney lives at 530 Ellsworth Avenue, Apartment E-1, Bronx NY 10465

530 and 540 Ellsworth Avenue are actually the same building in a long
condo-apartment complex.

So, as I had already alleged, Salvatore G. Caruso is just a front man for
the real objector, the political boss of the Bronx Republican Party.

John M. Greaney is trying to keep it secret that the real objectors are the
bosses of the Bronx Republican Party by using a front man as the nominal

John M. Greaney also has a checkered past as shown by the following
articles. He was elected as Chairman in April, 2013 after the previous
chairman Jay Sovino was arrested by the FBI along with Dan Halloran in a
bribery scandal.

Sam Sloan