My LTE RE: Foreign/Tsunami Aid makes the SF Examiner

Dear Everyone;

I sent a response on the brouhaha over the US "stingy" aid funds to the Examiner and it got printed.

The continually unfolding tragedy of the Xmas Tsunami is heart rendering and deeply wounds the soul over the massive loss of life. The first original news reports said 7,000 lives lost. Then the numbers began to scale unbelievable heights with hourly increases when it was discovered whole towns and villages were erased from the Earth.

Finally, days later we will see the response from the world governments begin. We will never know for sure how many were lost but 120,000 plus for sure. Then there will be the ones who were injured but couldn't be saved and the ones who will die from epidemic diseases. A massive tragedy on a colossal basis almost too much to comprehend.

If you can help the best way is money donations. It's faster and the donation does not have to be transported 10,000 miles. The funds can then be used in countries not effected to purchase needed supplies for local delivery.

I hesitate to say the following in the light of the Tsunami tragedy but I still believe we should and must:

                 Have a Happy New Year!!!

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian