My home for LPSF meetings

Dear All,

Just confirming that my home is available for LPSF meetings. This was discussed at our last meeting.

Let me know if you want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Best regards,

Michael Denny

And, you all, let me know also (i.e. post your thoughts in this activist list), because I would need to change to Internet announcements which are set for the Main Library.


Dear Mike,

I appreciate your generous offer and your reminder.

I prefer the library due to its propinquity.

Warm regards, Michael

Thanks, Aubrey. Personally I don't have much of a philosophical issue with meeting at the library. To me it kind of falls in the same category as using the roads. Meeting at a police station, on the other hand, is a different matter; at least the librarians aren't arresting people for victimless "crimes"!

  As for meeting at Mike's, like Michael E. I appreciate his offer to let us use the space as well as your offer to give us a ride out there (it seems out of your way), but believe a central location like we have now is more conducive to attracting guests (although a similarly central social space like a restaurant room or someone's home *would* probably be better than a library meeting room in that regard). But I could live with it if that's what most of the group wants or what needs to happen for the minutes to get done.

  If we do find another restaurant venue, it occurs to me that we could offer them an ad on and being listed as a sponsor on the LPSF Meetup site in lieu of an agreement to buy a certain amount of food from them, if they seek such a commitment. However I am not keen on meeting at a pizza place again. We met at those places for years, and I got tired of eating pizza. We aren't doing our collective health any favors by picking a spot with food that isn't really that good for us, either.

  I was thinking of posting a message on the Meetup site asking if people have any ideas or preferences about where we meet. There are currently 174 people signed up there (versus 140 on the lpsf-announce list, 115 on the lpsf-discuss list, and 36 on the lpsf-activists list). But in thinking about what to say in that message, I realized I've forgotten why we started talking about finding a new meeting place. Can someone refresh my memory?

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))