My hearing Prop A 2019

Just letting you all know we figured out how to get a real election law hearing. For those following my efforts it has been a real ordeal to get the courts to perform under the law.

Presiding judge Wong has responded properly to our last petition and we will have a real trial on Prop A by the end of January. And we have challenged the corrupt judge Ethan Schulman as the presider. That hasn't been completed yet. But according to law, it should happen. Will keep you all posted. This should be interesting. We are currently holding up $1.2B in bond money in this complaint and the one we have on appeal. How Libertarian is that? Smile.

Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
No On Prop A<><>
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Congratulations, Mike. looks like all your hard work is paying off.Hope you get rid of Schulman.
Françoise Fielding, Esq., 820 Stanyan St. #5, San Francisco, CA 94117, 415-386-8643

Really? That's interesting, Mike. Do you know what the justification is for that $14K annual payment, and where in city government it is coming from? I wonder if that is reflected in his listed salary as a state employee. I suspect not. And I wonder how common this is.

  Did you get some kind of injunction against the city government proceeding to issue bonds or spend the revenues while this case is open, or were they automatically blocked from doing so as soon as you filed it? Either way that's great news of which I was also not aware.

Love & Liberty,

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