My appearance on FCC-Free Radio

This past Sunday I did a guest appearance on the radio show hosted by my friend Melinda (aka Lilycat). She used to be a DJ on Pirate Cat Radio, an unlicensed broadcast station that operated "illegally" out of the Mission district for a while, but apparently they eventually got hassled and fined enough by the FCC that they folded up shop. So now a lot of their hosts have migrated to a new Internet radio podcast called FCC-Free Radio, where they can still say things like "fuck" on the air, but not have to work in fear of being raided by the Feds.

  The interview was definitely a lot less organized and tightly run than it would have been on a major station, but that also made it kind of refreshingly casual. We got to chat for nearly an hour instead of the few minutes I would've probably gotten on a more commercial/mainstream station. Of course how many people were actually listening to us, or will listen later online, is an open question -- but any chance to spread the freedom message!

  Anyway, here's the audio link -- my segment starts around 59:00, or if you want to hear the lead-in, including an amusing anti-Republican song, you can start listening around 53:00:

  The show will be accessible at the above link for this week only. After that, it will be moved to the station's archives at , where it may be a bit more difficult to find (Melinda tells me shows are listed there by date, but my experience with searching other archives is that you cross your fingers!).

Love & Liberty,
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Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco