Moving: stuff to get rid of

First of all, it seems that the Libertarian Alternative tapes were
hiding in the box of Free State Project stuff that Morey gave me when he
moved. If anyone still wants them, let me know pretty soon.

I also have the rest of the FSP stuff, a whole lot of sticks and signs,
including the laminated anti-tax banners.


I don't want the FSP stuff (The LPC wants Libertarians moving TO
California, not FROM California), and I think you can get rid of the
Libertarian Alternative tapes, because they're rather dated (both in
terms of issue relevancy, and also in terms of technology -- most cable
access channels prefer DVD nowadays, and even if we choose to ignore the
age of the videos, we still can buy the entire set of DVDs for $150 from

But thank you for offering,


Christopher R. Maden wrote:

Oh, never mind then. I thought you meant VCR tapes.

      ((( starchild )))