Move To Revoke Expulsion of Queens New York County Committee and its Members

Thank you. However, by the time you get here I will likely be in San

I am not aware of them giving any real reason for expelling the Queens
Libertarian Party. However, according to the email lists, the Queens
Libertarian Party was expelled in January 2007 and simultaneously the
Brooklyn-Queens Libertarian Party was given jurisdiction over Queens. Here
is a letter from Gary Donoyan posted to the NY Libertarian Party email
groups on April 22, 2007 (coincidentally exactly 8 years ago). Note that
the letter is short of specifics as to saying what the people being
attacked did wrong.

As to his claim that we are keeping new people from coming in, the opposite
is true. We are doing everything we can to get new people to join us.
However, who would join the Libertarian Party when there are people like
Gary Donoyan who go around attacking dedicated volunteers.

Note that the letter refers to "the old Queens LP". This is because he
considers that the Queens Libertarian Party had been expelled in January
2007. However, the Queens LP continued to operate and operates to this day
whereas as far as I know the "Brooklyn-Queens LP" gave up a few months

Sam Sloan

Dear LPNY Members,

John Clifton, Tom Stevens, and Mark Axinn are "activists" in Queens
and Manhattan, who have served and/or are serving on the LPNY State
Committee. I suggest that we have had enough of their "service,"
and it is time to elect new faces to that committee.

Why? Well, in particular, Clifton and Stevens ran the old Queens LP
into the ground, driving out many of its longstanding activists,
discouraging the running of local electoral campaigns, keeping out
dissenting voices on fabricated grounds, and manipulating its
internal processes to keep themselves in "power."

When, as a result, the LPNY State Committee revoked the chapter
charter, Clifton and Stevens refused to acknowledge their
wrongdoing, and the committee's decision was then confirmed the
following month.

Clifton and Stevens then tried to bring a "new Queens LP" to life,
with monstrous bylaws that sought to "make legal" the onerous acts
that had caused the old charter to be revoked. Membership in the
chapter was to be subject to a finding by the "Executive Committee"
that it is "in the best interest of the Queens LP," with no
standards other than their whim. Disfavored members would be
required to obtain a letter from the LPNY Treasurer of their "good
standing" in that organization, including the end date (so that a
new letter would be required). Any convention could be called by
the "Executive Committee" on seven days "notice", which consisted of
a sentence on a "web site" which was chosen, at any time, by that
same "Executive Committee." Naturally, the LPNY State Committee
approved the charter of the alternative chapter for the region, the
Brooklyn-Queens LP, instead.

Now, Clifton and Stevens are calling for a "boycott" of the LPNY
State Convention, except for the voting part. They want to get
elected to the State Committee, and then harm the organization by
decreasing its income.

Mark Axinn also is not suitable as an LPNY State Committee member.
Axinn sought to sabotage the Brooklyn-Queens LP organizing
convention, and then, when that failed, sought to persuade the LPNY
State Committee that, in his opinion as a "neutral observer," the
chapter had not successfully organized. Fortunately, his efforts
also failed.

Clifton, Stevens and Axinn are the sort of people who accuse others
of doing what they, themselves, have done or are doing. They are
the sort of people who promote the personal power of themselves or
others, rather than promoting the cause of liberty, in the name of
the cause of liberty. We need new faces on the LPNY State
Committee, not these old faces who have had their chance, and
demonstrated their unfitness. Please attend the LPNY State
Convention on Saturday, 28 April, in Holtsville, Long Island, and
please vote against these three candidates for the State Committee,
for the sake of the LP.

Although I may be a candidate as well, I would gladly withdraw my
name were these three to do the same. I hope they do.

Gary Donoyan