MOTION - Standing resolution to improve ExCom email communication and voting procedures


  Very creative! :slight_smile: But I believe that to take effect, such a ruling would need to come from the chair, not from an at-large member such as yourself or myself. Therefore I will direct my disagreement to you, unless the chair sees fit to endorse this novel interpretation of the bylaws.

  I believe he would be unwise to do so, as I think the intent of the language you have cited is clear -- it is to establish that the Executive Committee can conduct votes solely by email, not to prohibit it from voting by email during periods when it will also be holding a meeting in person. What you are suggesting could needlessly interfere with the ExCom's ability to conduct business in the future, to no real purpose. So I would be inclined to appeal any such ruling to the Judicial Committee.

  I am confident that people will understand your objection for what it is -- something that never would have been brought up if you didn't happen to disagree with the particular motion being made. Blocking it in this manner would just look petty, and ineffective to boot, since I could just reintroduce this or other motions after our in-person meeting.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))