MORE RE: [lpsf-discuss] Stewart Brand on next-gen environmentalism

Dear Everyone;

This is another take from on the environment.


This is from Ludwig von Misnes Institute and the Austrian take on the environment.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

"Acree, Michael" <acreem@...> wrote:
Thanks, Chris. I'm surprised to see Brand accepting uncritically claims
that human action is responsible for global warming. I thought the
evidence on that point was mixed, at best. Apart from data showing a
_slowing_ of warming trends since 1940, compared to 1880-1940, and
satellite data showing negligible warming overall, I would expect
effects of human action to be swamped by the earth's massive natural
cycles. Glaciers in the Arctic and in Montana are rapidly retreating
because we're still coming out of the last ice age, but we're also
poised to plunge into another one any day now (based on drilling in
Greenland, as reported by _The New Yorker_).

Brand's observations about reversals in the environmental movement were
very interesting, nevertheless. He might have mentioned also the
support of the Sierra Club for the building of Glen Canyon Dam in 1964.
According to the New York _Times_, Lake Powell has dropped 129 feet in
the past 5 years, and there's serious talk now of dynamiting the dam.