More On Toxic Burgers - Get A Burger Czar

Dear All;

I sent a recent NY Times - well done -
article about bummer ground beef. A
NY Times opinion op-ed now asks for a
Burger Czar + more safety regs.

Surprise - Surprise - Surprise

Let's do the math:

Beef Czar + more gov't regs. + multi layer
bureaucratic dept. + lots of red tape = consumer safety

Gosh that certainly works for me. Put
your trust in govt. regs. Unh Hunh.

The regs. in place aren't working so
what we need are more regs???

Ron Getty
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Dum Spiro, Pugno

Dear Ron and All,

But how is that unusual? Sounds pretty smart to me! If assistance for Katrina victims failed, establish more and bigger agencies. If the poor are still with us, establish more programs. If old people lost all their 401K money, take that as a great opportunity to say the free markets did it! Socialists are terrific at seizing all manner of opportunity to grow their numbers, not so much libertarians, unfortunately.