More on Today's Meeting

Hi All,

Lots of great ideas at today's meeting. We discussed some Open
Items, and expressed interest in the plans bearing fruit in the near

1. An improved Amazon Associates program: Please post the name and
author of libertarian books that Bryce Bigwood can show on the LPSF
Website. Perhaps Bryce can make more clear that in order for the
LPSF to receive bonus cash, people do not have to order the specific
books on the LPSF Website.

2. Libertarian Walking Tour: We are hoping that eventually we will
be able to have a live walking tour, but meanwhile, we can post on
the LPSF Website, for visitors to see, some places where libertarian
activity took place. We have a list of places for LPSF consumption
only at present, and it would be great if Bryce could make that into
a visitor page.

3. Constituency Poster: Colin Hussey, graphic artist, visited our
meeting today, and was interested in the poster discussion. Should
for some reason Scott Bieser prefer not to accept the poster project,
we could approach Colin with the request.

4. Initiative for the June election: Obliterate City taxes! Ron
Getty has accepted chairing the Initiative Committee (Thank you so
much, Ron). The committee at present consists of Ron, Jawj, Marcy,
and Starchild (voted in unanimously in absentia). Ron has posted
details on the Discussion List.

Announcement: Dave Goggin's next Veggie Dinner will be Friday,
December 9th, at a location yet to be announced. There will be a
presentation on global warming, as well as a live musician.

The next LPSF meeting will be on Saturday, December 10th.
Traditionally, the Chair buys refreshments for everyone during the
Pizza Social at the December meeting. I guess that will be me this
year. And it will be my pleasure.



Next LPSF meeting will be December 10th. Traditionally, at this


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