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The most telling thing about Matt Gonzalez is a campaign worker at the
Gonzalez headquarters Tuesday night. Marc Powell said he was excited about Matt
being in the run-off and winning. Because under Greenie - Matt Gonzalez, San
Francisco would become one big anti-capitalistic co-op.

In Libertarian terms, Matt Gonzalez appears to be just another "Taker" who
redistributes " property " based on their presumptions of who should receive the
largess they stole. This type of person is just another " Robbing Hood. ".
Matt Gonzalez is on the reecord as saying that property owners should not
look to profit from their property ownership, and that the tax deductions are
sufficient compensation. Matt intends to socialize housing in SF, under the guise
of "Community Land-Trust housing". Definitely on the far-left part of the
spectrum. The state/City would have to buy/build the housing, which would then be
allocated to lucky buyers at below-market prices. Looks like a huge subsidy
for a favored few. Guess who pays for it all.

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I just read up on Matt's homlessness stance on his website. Wow, it sounds great! Why are we working hard to pay our rents? I wanna be a homeless person in San Francisco! I've stayed in hostels, just this year even; I could handle the traffic. I know it won't last, so get a free bed, 'cause they are going fast!