More good posters


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  The digital road sign one is excellent! Wouldn't it be great to actually see that while driving?

  Buying a big digital sign like that could actually be a good LPSF investment. Not only could we duplicate the message in the photo to display near government boondoggles (e.g. the multi-billion dollar Central Subway fiasco), but could also use it to display an endless variety of slogans at various protests and events. Of course the obvious drawback would be storage and transport of something that large. Maybe they come in slightly smaller sizes? Perhaps we would need a portable generator to power it? Those can be had for a couple hundred bucks.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

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Most have solar now. You could just hack the existing ones...


  If you know how to do that, I'm open to helping. Let me know.

  By the way, the Golden Gate Liberty r3VOlution's Constitution study group Meetup is tonight -- -- 405 Sansome Street, if anyone else feels like going.

Love & Liberty,
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