More evidence the war in Iraq is going well - especially for Iraqis

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Is it fair to compare occupied Iraqi to sanction devastated Iraqi and declare victory?

-- Steve

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The Baath party members looked well nourished to me.

As do the US occupiers, though it's not clear to me how either point is relevant to the question of the net effect of US intervention.

If the trend were in the other direction would you have said "see, the war really isn't going well for Iraq"?

Since it's generally accepted that the sanctions were brutal (500,000+ infant deaths attributed to it) then if it got worse, I'd say, yes, you could certainly say that both the war and sanctions have been net negatives.

-- Steve

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Do not believe this data!

The first set of numbers, supposedly the Iraqi death rate, is a lie!
Somebody fabricated that sequence of numbers with a spreadsheet.
They entered 6.8 for 1997 and assumed the rate decreased 3% every year after

Here are the figures from the site,

1999 6.4
2000 6.21
2001 6.02
2002 5.84
2003 5.66
2004 5.49

Notice that the value for each year is exactly 97% of the value for the
previous year! Natural events are always somewhat random. Real measurements
are never so precise. Since a simple formula creates the identical
sequence, the numbers cannot possibly be based on reported deaths.

I generated the same sequence in seconds with a spreadsheet like this:

Set A1 to:

Set A2 to:

Select A2 and Copy it

Paste into A3, A4, A5..A8

The sequence is represented by this equation:

Rn = 6.8 *(0.97)**n

If you don't like math, just consider this: Professional epidemiologists
reporting in the world's most respected medical journal, the British
journal, "Lancet", determined the Shock and Awe attack killed about 98,000
people. That should have shown up as a huge spike in the 2003 figure.

These figures are fake, fabricated, and untrue. Do not believe them.

I noticed that the site attributes the data to the Central Intelligence
Agency. We should remember that the job of the CIA includes
"disinformation", deliberately spreading lies and confusion. They
supposedly only deceive the "enemy", however we may wonder who their enemy
really is.

Harland Harrison
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of San Mateo County, CA
Candidate for Congress
12th District (San Mateo-San Francisco, CA)